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Lean Construction Practitioner Level 1 Complete overview

The complete Level 1 programme is designed to give delegates the knowledge, experience and confidence to successfully deliver business benefits in a construction environment.

The programme incorporates a mix of e-learning, practical deployment in a simulated environment and then supported deployment in the workplace. This ensures the delegates travel the complete journey from hearing to understanding i.e. training to delivery of benefits.

“I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.”

The programme is completed in three phases.

Flow diagram of Level1 complete

  • Phase 1 comprises 8 e-learning modules and an on line assessment. This gains the Level 1a certificate.
  • Phase 2 is a 5 day practical workshop and an on line assessment where delegates practise a range of lean and collaborative techniques in a simulated construction environment.
  • Phase 3 is a workplace project. When completed and assessed the Level 1b and 1c Certificates in Lean Competency are gained.

After practising deployment of lean and collaborative planning techniques in the safe environment of the practical workshop, delegates will start to use them in the workplace to make quantifiable improvements.

Initially they select a small scale project in their own work environment that will use some of the techniques learned on the course. Project selection is aligned to current strategic objectives and areas where improvement opportunities have been identified. They are supported in the planning and deployment phase by one of our consultants.

Typically these projects target improvements in; programme certainty, productivity, reduction in snagging, cost reduction, lead time reduction and health and safety.

Once completed the delegate submits their project for assessment, and when successful, receive the Level 1 Certificate of Lean Competency and are eligible to become a member of the LCS Community. This provides opportunities for continuing professional development, read more here.

The three phases work together to give delegates knowledge and practical experience of lean diagnostic, design, implementation & sustain methodologies; and become conversant with the following lean techniques:

Analytics including mapping techniques, Practical Problem Solving, Collaborative Planning and Production Control, 7 Wastes, Visual Management, Standardised Work and Workplace Organisation.

In addition the programme incorporates modern methods of construction,  supply chain management, team communication, team and project management, effective use and management of goals, targets, indicators and metrics and the mechanisms of enabling successful sustainment of the improvements achieved.

You can read more about the programme content and the learning objectives by downloading the Level 1 flyer.

Booking options

You can either book a complete course for your own company or send smaller numbers of delegates on advertised open courses.

If you are block booking, we can run the workshop week in house or at an external venue. Block booking is ideal if you have between 6 and 10 delegates and there is greater flexibility on available dates.

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